Cervical Erosion



Cervical erosion is ‘cervical ectopy’.

It is a condition in which cells that normally line the inside of the cervical canal extend on to the surface of the cervix.

Normally, the inside of the cervical canal is lined with a group of cells described as columnar epithelium and the outside with squamous epithelium.

These connect at the squamo-columnar junction.

In cervical erosion, the columnar epithelium may extend further down ad protrude on the surface of the cervical os and onto the vaginal portion of cervix.

It may also undergo squamous metaplasia and transform to stratified squamous epithelium.

Causes of cervical erosion

*Estrogen level

Due to changes in the level of estrogen, usually to high levels of circulationg estrogen in the body which could be high at different times in a woman’s life, for example ;

1. During pregnancy : it could cause some light vaginal bleeding ( per vaginam bleeding). This could occurs during sexual intercourse when the penis touches the tip of the cervix.

In most case this erosion disappears spontaneously 3 – 6 months after childbirth.2. Women on birth control: All brith control pills contain estrogen and progesterone hormones in various concentrations/strengths. Cervical erosion has been found to more common in women taking pills with a high level of estrogen.

3. Cervical erosion is found in at least 1/3rd of all female babies, it is usual due maternal estrogen that the babies are subjected to while still in the womb.

The erosion disappears in early childhood as the influence decreases.

4. HRT (hormone replacement therapy) mainly consists of replacement of estrogen in the body through pills, patches, creams etc.

This estrogen can cause cervical erosion

5. Infection : that infection is the cause of cervical erosion is slowly losing ground. Evidence is increasing that infection does not cause cervical erosion but it is rather the other way around – the changed cells of cervical erosion are more susceptible to various bacteria and yeast and tends to get infected very easily. So cervical erosion and cervical infections are often seen together, leading to the belief that infection causes cervical erosion.

* Miscellaneous CausesIt is believed by many that chronic infection of the vagina, vaginal douching and chemical contraceptions like anti-sperm gels can change the normal level of acidity of the vagina and cause cervical erosion. But these theories are yet to be proved.

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