The admin at AsktheGynaecologist after series of painstaking deliberations has decided to allow on an ongoing trial basis advertisements on our platforms:
1. Our Facebook group with over 630,000 members (correct as of August 6th, 2017)
2. Our website (
3. Our Facebook fan-page.
The proposed advertorials would be a customized Publish-Paid Advertisements (PPA). 
Because, we cherish our integrity and pride our member’s overall health and wellbeing, we would not publish fictitious adverts like get-rich-quick schemes, herbal treatment (and similar non scientifically evidence based products).
Our plan will involve, “CLASSIFIED, BENEFICIAL AND HEALTH-RELATED ADVERTS” which can be posted after strict scrutiny and at the discretions of the ATG admin. 
The submitted advertisements will be in queue and will await due approval and review by the Admin/Advert Group. 
Subsequent to approval, the admin still will publish the adverts at their sole discretion, and if a published advert is found to contravene our guidelines would be discontinued with no possibility and recourse to refunds to the owner of the adverts).
Funds generated from this advertising fees would come in handy to drive the groups’ goals in a sustainable way. 
From time to time admin will update the advert guidelines and publish it to the group. Please be informed, it is the responsibility of the owner of the advert to ensure the publications comply with our guidelines. 
Once adverts are posted on the group page, we would ensure it promoted regularly at the top of the groups from time to time (an extra charge will apply for vendors that wish to replace our logo with their advert image within the duration of the adverts).
• Any adverts posted on the group page without the approval of the admin would be automatically disqualified, and the defaulting member may face some reprimand.
• Adverts posted on the group’s discussion timeline would have the post notifications turned off, this is to ensure the adverts are professional and under close scrutiny.
• The adverts could contain image of the business, products marketed and its price (including discounts), the location of business and how the contact info of the business)
• AsktheGynaecologist will only receive the fees accruing from the adverts on our platform and will not collect commission from the sale of any merchandise posted.
• Advert fees could be deposited in to the AsktheGynaecologist account domicile Nigeria
• For adverts from outside Nigeria and diaspora we would arrange mode of payment on case by case basis and ensure it is user-friendly, for example via PayPal).
• Our email: (Reference Subject as: ADVERTS)
Thank You.
Each advert would be be charged at N100,000 (per 28 days; starting 6am Nigerian time ). 
We would add a VAT surcharge of 10% to the invoice. 
Extra charge of N20,000 per advert would apply if the proposed advert would replace the Group logo for the duration of the adverts , i.e. per 28days starting 6am Nigerian time ). 
We would add a VAT surcharge of 10% to the total invoice.
Admin Team: AsktheGynaecologist.