After Miscarriage, Tips on Getting Pregnant Again

First and foremost, please have a one on one talk with your doctor about specific recommendations or restrictions before trying again. Once you have recovered in your body, mind and spirit consider the following guidelines.

If you have had:

  • 1 Miscarriage.

Some research has shown that women who conceived within six months of having a miscarriage in their first pregnancy had fewer complications than did those who waited longer to conceive. If you’re healthy and feel ready, there might be no need to wait to conceive after miscarriage.

  • 2 or more Miscarriages.

Please talk to your doctor about recommended testing to determine any underlying issues which might have led to the miscarriage, as well as possible treatments, before attempting another pregnancy. The time to try again, should be based on your exact medical history and situation.

Thank you

Chudi Ufondu. MD


Reference & Photo Credit

Mayo Clinic


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