Orgasms and Fertility, Any Connections?


The big question is, Does Female Orgasm Boost Your Odds for Getting Pregnant? There are different hypotheses about the role of orgasms in fertility and conception. Amidst all the claims and counter claims, fact remains, that we do not know for sure whether or not female orgasm can help you get pregnant. One incontrovertible fact remains, you can get pregnant without female orgasm. So many women never achieved orgasms in their life, but are mothers to so many children. It happens all the time.

One question that begs for clarity is, “could female orgasm improve your chances for conception/ pregnancy? Over the years, many researchers have wondered about the major purpose of female orgasm in humans. Some scholars simply theorize and believe that it’s just for fun, while others say it definitely helps with conception. So, who do we believe in?

Let’s Discuss

There are two claims that link female Orgasm and fertility, propounding that female orgasm may help with getting pregnant. One claim states that the purpose of orgasm in women is to make them feel relaxed and sleepy, which will by default make them lie down after sex. The thinking is that this may help the sperm reach their destination more easily.

However factually, it isn’t clear whether or not lying down after sex can help you get pregnant. In one study, they specifically studied orgasm and sperm retention, and found that just lying down did not seem to improve sperm retention. However, other studies imply lying down does matter, especially in assisted reproductive techniques, where they found that women who remained horizontal after insemination were more likely to conceive, compared to women who maintained vertical positions after transfer of sperm.

The other theory is called the Upsuck Theory”, which claims that the contractions of the womb during orgasm help “suck up” the semen that gets deposited in the vagina, near the cervix. The orgasm then helps to move the sperm through the womb and fallopian tubes.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Here is the deal!  No one knows for sure if, orgasm may or may help you get pregnant.  What we know for sure, there are so many good reasons to have an orgasm! If you never had one, you better go try it! It is indescribable. Orgasm is fun, pleasurable, and an excellent stress buster. PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY, if your sole desire for orgasm is to use it to achieve pregnancy, you will be heartbroken!  Pregnancy hormones can play tricks when you are stressing, so be reminded you may feel pressured and stressed when you dwell on thoughts of getting pregnant during lovemaking.  By default, if you are stressed, this can lead to you having difficulty achieving orgasm easily, thus adding frustration to your baby-making quest.

Please, just enjoy the ride while you can, remember that the best way to improve your chances of orgasm during sex is to try and enjoy the intimate time with your partner. So, on a final note, don’t worry about it, set no goals during lovemaking, create no pressure, no guilt.  Just have fun, go for passionate, loving and mutually satisfying sex. In the process, if you have an orgasm, cherish it, bask in it, if you are not so lucky to have one, keep trying, some day you will. Whatever happens, go easy, what is gonna be, is gonna be!  You are gonna be a mother sooner than later.

Dr. Chudi Godsons

Thank you.

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