List of Contributors to Our Health-related Topics

Francis Chilaka

Francis Chilaka

Mr. Francis Chilaka currently holds a First Class Bachelor in Business Administration, with vast expertise in Business planning and logistics, Human Resources Management, Project Planning, Design and Development, Communications, Project Research/Application Analysis and Feasibility Studies/Market Analysis. His extensive experience in business development, including corporate negotiations and advisory services for joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers.

He engages in Consultancy services, carrying out research, editing and appraisals, for seminars, workshops and poverty alleviation schemes. He is a Motivational Speaker, Counselor and a life coach and has worked with many NGOs and delivered papers on: Alcoholism, Cultism, HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse, Child Abuse, Prostitution, Sexual Behaviour, capacity building and poverty alleviation.

Francis Chilaka , Program Director, KUTH Foundation Nigeria & ATG/KUTH Collaboration Team Member