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Peace to all men and women of goodwill. We hope this message meets you in good health.

Ask the Gynecologists (ATG) African Women’s Health Project was birthed following a series of worrying and disturbing statistics stemming from the maternal population in Sub Saharan African countries. It started initially as a Facebook group with the sole aim of providing applicable answers to maternal health issues in late November 2015. Within a very short period of time —less than two weeks of inception— membership of the group dramatically grew. Consequently, the positive response spurred us to expand our reach and dreams beyond social media.

Our ultimate goal was to use education, awareness, positive campaigns and proactive participation to change the status quo in maternal health, and in some way, impact the alarmingly high rate of maternal morbidity and mortality in Africa. After several deliberations and intense brainstorming, the group decided to broaden its horizons. Since inception, the group has and continues to engage in daily discussions, teachings, as well as provide virtual consultations on maternal health issues and wellness.

Our Objectives are:

Provide a platform for education of women on reproductive health
Empower women with tools to take charge of their health
Promote gender equality, equity and justice
Currently, ATG has more than twenty-eight thousand plus committed members and within a short timeframe has become a household name in some parts of Africa and the world, namely Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, USA, UK, Netherlands, South African to mention just few. We are so delighted to have made a positive impact as evidenced by the numerous testimonies from our members. Today, we are motivated by this notion: we are the change we have been waiting for, and we will collectively work towards reducing the morbidity and mortality burden in Africa.

Our Team, comprised of erudite Medical doctors, trained in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Maternal Health work tirelessly every day to improve user experience and continuously engage our members to imbibe evidence-based information. We are still evolving and firmly believe that through our humble contribution to women’s’ health in Africa today we can liberate people from the shackles of their minds, and in turn contribute to a positive economic inspired daily and encouraged to do more for our target population.

We however know we cannot do this alone and we humbly wish to seek your support and donation to enable us achieve our objectives. We seek help to enable us bring our mission and vision to fruition. We currently developed a website, please check

We also hope and plan to organize

·  Conferences dwelling on common women’s health issues

·  Health Fair

·  Open Women’s Health Education Seminar

We see a dream of disease FREE Africa especially amongst the women population. Our dream is to see an Africa where women are empowered and equipped with basic knowledge of their health, especially reproductive health and continuously strive to improve and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity globally. We welcome constructive advice, suggestions and support towards achieving and actualizing this dream.

We firmly believe we can change our communities by positively impacting our female population.

Thank you


Dr. Babajide Alalade, MBBS, DRCOG, DFSRH, MPH Indiana, FRSPH, RICR

Dr. Chudi Ufondu, MBBS, MPH, CPH


To Donate to the AskthGynaecologist African Womens’ Health Project, use our Diamond Bank Nigeria Account# 0090941705 (AskthGynaecologist Womens’ Health Foundation)


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