Our Guidelines

It is my firm believe that we adhere to this guide.

ALWAYS READ earlier comments before posting new comments on any post on the group wall!

Group members should kindly wait for advise from medical professionals on issues being discussed.

We are not liable for any comments from unlicensed advisors and we may delete such comments in order to maintain a pleasant experience for All our esteemed members.

It is quite exasperating when people make comments that they are not trained to give and sometimes when the right answers have been explicitly given by (or pending answers are expected from ) our health care professionals.

It is tiring and unnecessarily burdensome to correct individual comments that are wrong via emails as a routine.

ALSO REMEMBER ANOTHER TIP – Member SHOULD LEAVE ANSWERS To questions posted on the group wall to our professionals ONLY!

Kindly send all questions to us at askthegynaecologist@gmail.com  or admin@askthegynaedoctor.com and ***allow sufficient time for us to answer them we may be busy with ongoing professional commitments like most of our colleagues.


***To search for recently discussed topics, enter  this: #howtosearchfortopics, into the search tool bar of on our facebook page or in the search bar in the blog post section of the website to search for them.

To Contact us: askthegynaecologist@gmail.com

or admin@askthegynaedoctor.com

***How to ask questions:

Guideline for the day:

When writing in to ask questions on our email, I would advice you include the following, this would ensure that we could understand you better, suggest possible diagnosis and advice on treatments and followup advice as may be necessary.

Kindly adhere to these so that we could provide you with a better service at all times.

Please include the following below with your question(s);

1. Your age
2. Past gynaecological and antenatal (obstetrics) history
3.Past medical history
4.Past surgical history/ any past operation you have had
5. any previous complication (medical or surgical)

6. For Infertility questions:

Do include any
* previous successful or unsuccessful pregnancies,
* gestation age of miscarriage
* all investigations performed (including scan , blood groups, blood tests and hormonal profile)
* if you or your spouse have had prior pregnancies (in current or previous relationships).
* include any seminal fluid analysis test results.

Thanks a Trillion.

Babajide Alalade, MBBS, DRCOG, DFSRH, MPH Indiana, FRSPH, RICR

Founder & President, AsktheGynaecologist Group Nigeria

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