Our Story

ASK The Gynecologist Group: Our story Objectives, Mission and Vision

In the beginning …

It all started with a dream and passion for Maternal health. We were worried about the continued rise in Maternal Morbidity & Mortality in Africa. We brainstormed and had so many sleepless nights articulating and brainstorming on the solution.

We knew something needed to be done and fast. Then came the bold step, Ask the Gynecologist embarked on the solution oriented mission, with a strong desire to improve Maternal Morbidity & Mortality in Africa, we took off in November, 2015 with daily discussion of health related topics on our Facebook page.

I remember vividly we had less than 50 members when we started, it was a grind, a hustle, we had so many challenges, at a stage, we felt like giving up, but Mercy said no. We persevered, at the outset, we were providing round the clock consultations via all the social media platforms (Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Phone calls, Emails).

Fast forward to this day, we are 193,550 members  (October 8, 2016) plus stronger and still counting. We have witnessed phenomenal growth since inception and we are delighted and show our appreciation to All our members.

Today, we are a household name in Nigeria and other African nations, and a lot of our members wake up daily with ‘hunger’ to peruse our page on Facebook to know what is going on, to learn new ‘things’. We are delighted.

• Provide a platform for education of women on reproductive health
• Empower women with tools to take charge of their health
• Promote gender equality, equity and justice
• Use positive campaigns and proactive participation to change the status quo in maternal health, and in some way, impact the alarmingly high rate of maternal morbidity and mortality in Africa.

We firmly believe that through our little contribution to women’s’ health in Africa, we can liberate our maternal population from the shackles of their mind, and in turn contribute to a turnaround of families and our economies.
We hope to change every woman’s health one day at a time. We hope to use education and awareness to reduce the disease and mortality burden among women.
We have not left the men behind, they are welcomed to learn and to contribute to what we have here, we know that we cannot truly liberate the family, if we leave the men behind.

To be the biggest service provider in maternal health in Africa. Our ultimate vision is to see a disease free Africa. We intend to take our services beyond the virtual online platform to one on one consultation.
We hope to build, sustain and consolidate a single specialist hospital that will provide services to women, children and the whole family. We see a dream of disease FREE Africa especially among the women population.

We instituted our signature project, Ask the Gynecologists (ATG) African Women’s Health Project in March, 2016. We plan and hope to use this campaign to raise the initial funds that will enable us attend to our immediate needs, which includes:

1.Organizing conferences dwelling on common women’s health issues
2.Organizing Health Fairs with emphasis on current and trending maternal health issues
3.Conduct Women’s Health Education Seminar

We see a dream of disease FREE Africa especially among the women population.

Our dream is to see an Africa where women are empowered and equipped with basic knowledge of their health, especially reproductive health and continuously strive to improve and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity globally. We welcome constructive advice, suggestions and support towards achieving and actualizing this dream.

We firmly believe we can change our communities by positively impacting our female population.
Support our project. Click on the link and follow the prompts.

Thank you

Dr. Chudi Ufondu, MBBS, MPH, CPH

CEO, Ask The Gynecologist Group