Premium Services Key Points To Note

Theme: Key Points To Note.
1● ALL our services are purely virtual
2● We DO NOT have physical clinic location.
3● We operate Email consults ONLY.
4● Before signing/ subscribing, be sure to read through our refund policy.
5● We have certified Specialist providers in the following locations
1. Lagos
2. Abuja
3. PH
4. Nnewi.
5. Asaba
6 Owerri
7. Awka, [ partial provision]
8. Benin [ Partial provision]
6● Your subscription covers your consultation ONLY.
7● If you are referred, you have to bear the COST of services from the hospital/ clinic
8● Your membership of Premium Services is strictly OPTIONAL!!
9● If you are a Gold Member, you have a peroid of one year to utilise your subscription.
10● Please be SURE to read through the SIMPLE guidelines for signing up.
Thank you.
Dr. Chudi Godsons
ATG Group.
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