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Notes on Sickle Cell Disease From A Doctor’s Perspective! 
There’s this terrible disease that is 100% preventable if only people will be reasonable when they ‘fall in love’… It is called Sickle Cell Disease.
Each time I see children crying for pains, parents complaining about the frequent admissions of their children to the hospital, and worst of all, the guilt that used to manifest through the facial expression of the parents, I just tell myself, ‘But this disease should have been prevented’.
A case scenario:
I was in the hospital that night when this cute baby was brought by her parents with complaints of fever, and swollen hand that was painful.
The parents were looking distressed.

I initially felt uncomfortable with their facial expressions but I went ahead to do my job and later found out why they appeared that way.
So I asked, “Sir, what is your genotype”.

“AS Sir” was his reply… Then I turned to the mother with the same question, and unfortunately I got the same response.
I didn’t venture into asking them why they married themselves when they knew they were both “AS” because I am not a Marriage counselor… I am a Doctor and I have to be professional.
Both of them had ‘AS’ as their blood type. Then I requested to know the baby’s blood type too… It came out to be ‘SS’. 
Different from what you might have known about ‘AS’ marrying ‘AS’:
For EACH pregnancy, there is 25% chances that the baby will have blood type “SS”, 50% chances it will be “AS” and 25% chances it will be “AA”. 

So, it’s a game of luck. 
But here is the problem, you are not the one to choose which one will be… It is nature that does that.
I disclosed the result to the parents and suddenly the man screamed in horror, “NOT AGAIN” while tears freely ran down the cheeks of the mother in what I observed to be a silent cry from deep within the endocardium.
I felt really sorry and I sincerely empathize with them.
This young chap was their third child, and they are all ‘SS’ by blood type.
The parents were already tired of the stress of frequent hospital admissions, frequent blood transfusions, the horror of hearing their children scream out in pain, and the chronic guilt that if they had been reasonable enough, they could have prevented all these.
This then is the message I want to pass across…
Before you fall in love with anyone… Know your own Genotype first… If you find out that it is ‘AA’, my dear you’ve got no issue with Sickle Cell Disease… Go ahead and marry whoever God is leading you to marry… But make sure you do not indulge in sex until after marriage… Do you understand? Good! 
But there are other blood types that should get you really careful, they include ‘AS’, ‘SS’, ‘AC’, ‘SC’, etc… Though the first two are more common than others. 
If yours is NOT ‘AA’, I encourage you to seek some counsel before you blindly fall in love with anyone. 
Having known your own blood type, make efforts to know your partner’s too… This is where being reasonable in love comes in… Be reasonable enough to do the right thing! 
When you and your partner are both ‘AS’, I will advice that you seek proper counsel with a Doctor so as to understand the risk you are about to take and either back out of the relationship or prepare yourself for a potential horrible married life. 
But you must remember that your choice will affect your next generations… Only God knows how many. 
Now the question is, “Can’t God make all your children “AA” even if both of you are “AS”?”
Of course, He can… But He is showing you the right way through me, His son.
A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

Be wise! 
If you have any question, contact any Doctor close to you. If you ask me, I will gladly respond to you. 
Thank you for your patience.
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